Kristina & Amy

Who Was The Pregnant Woman (and Her Sister) That Keith Urban Brought Up Stage Saturday Night?

During Saturday's Keith Urban cocert, Keith saw a pregnant woman holding a sign that said "Baby's First Time On Stage (and Auntie Too?)." He decided to bring them on stage and then this happened.... Video of Keith Urban Brings Kristina & Amy On Stage In Tinley Park Not only did they get a...
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Missed Call

What Important Thing Did You Miss Out On?

One of our bosses, Marci, saw a number she didn't recognize come up on her caller ID. She didn't pick it up....and it turned out that Keith Urban was trying to call her! Opps! So, what did you miss out on? Was it a phone call you missed? An important email? Check out what these Stylz and Roman...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Kelsea Ballerini's favorite movie features Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Cowardly Lion and The Tin Man. Elle from Jefferson got that qestion right, but almost didn't! If you've studied up on your country news and trivia, email to play! Today's Questions: 1. Luke Bryan says that his...
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TRo Mic

Translating Tristan: Thomas Rhett Edition

Roman's three year old son Tristan loves to sing....but sometimes it's hard to figure out exactly what he's singing! Can you figure out what Thomas Rhett song he's belting out in today's Translating Tristan? It's not as easy as you think!
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Your Most Embarrassing Moment!

Ever do something and then think "Why did I do that?" We all face embarrassing situations, but we don't react the same. Check out what these Stylz and Roman listeners were embarrassed to admit they did! Some walked through doors, others did the doody where they shouldn't have and more!
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Ron and Trisha

A Couple Got Engaged At LakeShake This Past Weekend!

Lots of BIG things happened at LakeShake, but for one couple, the ULTIMATE thing happened! Ron and Trisha from Grayslake actually got engaged during Russell Dickerson's performance of "Yours." Stylz and Roman talked to Ron about just how nervous he was and then even gave the couple their very first...
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Katy and Taylor

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Nate is getting married soon, so he was hoping to score the rolling jackpot in Roman's College of Country Knowledge. Not for the wedding, but for the bachelor party! Did a question about what Katy Perry recently sent Taylor Swift score him the bucks or cost him the cash? Email to...
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Front Row

Here's What Happened At Stylz and Roman's Friday Jason Aldean Giveaway!

Stylz and Roman had a hundred pairs of tickets to give away to Jason Aldean this Friday. Several hundred people showed up at Pinstripes in South Elgin, but one couple was there at 5 AM and was first in line. Their names were Matt and Stephanie and their long wait in line was rewarded with FRONT ROW...
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The #NextFromNashville LakeShake Lineup Is Out Today!

LakeShake just got much bigger! Here's the updated lineup, including who is playing the #NextFromNashville stage at the 2018 Country LakeShake Festival! Friday: Adam Doleac **Mitchell Tenpenny **Tyler Rich The Steel Woods Dylan Schneider Saturday: Dillon Carmichael The Wild Feathers Jameson Rodgers...
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SNR Aldean ACM

Jason Aldean Gave Us 100 Pairs of Tickets From His Personal Stash!

When Stylz and Roman were in Las Vegas, Jason Aldean gave them his personal cellphone number and told them to call him if they ever needed anything. Today, they called in that favor. Jason gave Stylz and Roman 100 pairs of tickets from his personal stash....and they're going to give them away to...
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