Corn Maze

Cops Spent Two Hours Hunting for a Suspect Who Ran Into a Corn Maze

This is a good way to hide . . . but not exactly a good way to escape. The cops in Petaluma, California were looking for a 29-year-old guy named Ryan Watt on Friday night after he violated his ex-girlfriend's restraining order. And when he saw the cops coming, he took off running . . . right toward...
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Luke Bryan rehearses his new single Kickin' Boots

Michigan Farm Creates Corn Maze In Shape Of Luke Bryan

Yes, Luke Bryan is a superstar. But when a farm creates a corn maze in your likeness, that's when you know you've REALLY made it... Video of Michigan farm creates Luke Bryan corn maze.
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Are You Ready For Corn Maze Season In Chicago?

corn maze season is almost here!
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Stranger Things

You Have To Check Out This 'Stranger Things' Corn Maze in Indiana This Fall

Feel like getting lost in the Upside Down this Fall? Now it's possible with a brand new, intricate Stranger Things inspired corn maze! The maze is located in Indiana, Lafayette not Hawkins, at Exploration Acres. It's dubbed the largest corn maze and pumpkin patch in northwest Indiana spanning...
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