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The One in Chicago: Friends pop up experience coming to Michigan Avenue

Could we BE any more excited?! An interactive and completely immersive pop-up Friends experience is coming to Chicago that brings the hit TV show to life!
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Cat On A Couch

Stylz and Romance: The Purr-fect Reason For Ghosting Someone

Daisy and Simon went out on a date and things went really well. She even invited him back to her place afterwards. At one point she went to the bathroom and when she came out….he was nowhere to be found. She's not sure why as they were making out just minutes before! Stylz and Roman got Simon on...
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Binge Watching

What Show Are You Currently Binge Watching?

Stylz and Roman came across a stat that claims that "The Office" is the most watched TV show on Netflix. Neither have really watched it, but may end up binge watching it to get caught up with everyone else! Netflix is great for binge watching....and everyone does it! Check out what Stylz and Roman...
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Toddler Bed

You Tried To Put It Together...But It Was Missing A Piece!

Roman is converting his four year old son Tristan's toddler bed into a big boy bed, but was almost finished before realizing that the pieces don't all match up! Now the entire bed is torn apart and his son has no bed to sleep in! A total #FurnitureFail! What did you put together before realizing a...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Theresa From Palos Heights

Roman's current record in the College of Country Knowledge is 256 and 23.
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Ladies, Why Did Your Man End Up On The Couch?

Jill, who does traffic for Stylz and Roman, joked with the guys this morning about her husband sleeping on the couch.
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