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Newlywed couple delivers wedding flowers to those in need to help spread some positive vibes

A newlywed couple in Texas did not want to throw out all their wedding flowers, so instead, they put up a message on Facebook asking who could use a little pick me up and delivered flowers to those in need.
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Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs, Baby, Second Child, Expecting, Couple, Announcement, Social Media

Little Slugger Alert: Chicago Cubs Javier Baez and Wife Expecting 2nd Child!

On Monday, with the most adorable social media post, Chicago Cubs shortstop, Javier Baez, announced that he and his wife Irmarie are expecting their second child! The baby will join older brother Adrian, AJ, for short.
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Dating App, Cat Lovers, Tabby, Connect, Feline, Couple

There's a New Dating App Specifically for Cat Lovers

Cat lovers, this one is for you! There is a brand new dating app created specifically for cat people to connect and form feline-focused couples. 'Tabby' launches just in time for International Cat Day on August 8!
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Couple Reunites on Twitter 16 Years After Their Preschool Wedding

The other day 21-year-old Jack Callow tweeted some nostalgic photos from his preschool wedding and joked that he had not seen his wife in 16 years. The tweet went viral and he was able to reconnect with her!
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Couple, Love, COVO-19, Reunited, Good Vibes

90 Year Old Couple Reunited After COVID-19 Separation #GoodVibes

Joyce Hoffman has been battling COVID019 since May 1st and finally after 5 weeks away, she was reunited with her husband that she has been married to for 67 years!
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Couple, Married, Protest, Wedding, Philadelphia, Black Lives Matter

Couple Gets Married Then Immediately Joins Protestors in Philly

Kerry-Anne and Michael Gordon got married and then immediately walked to the protest in Philadephia, in full wedding attire, to join others in marching for change.
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Couple, Tik Tok, Surprise, Love, Marriage

WATCH: Couple Married for 60 Years Reunited After Hospitalization

Alice and Jerry Krenke have been married for over 60 years and have never been separated for more than a week until she had to go into the hospital and COVID-19 rules kept him from seeing her.
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Mountain Dew, Soft Drink, Pop, Kroger, Couple

WATCH: Couple Cause a Scene in Kroger Over Mountain Dew

A couple tried to buy 23 cases of Mountain Dew at a Kroger and when the cashier told them they could only buy 3 cases at a time, they both threw a fit that caused a scene.
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Kiss Cam, Blackhawks, Hockey, Tribute, Chicago, Couple

Blackhawks Pay Tribute To Chicago's Favorite Kiss Cam Couple #GoodVibes

The Chicago Blackhawks paid tribute to their favorite Kiss Cam couple, Earl and RoseLee Deutsch, during the game Sunday night to honor Earl who recently passed away at age 93.
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Subway, Sandwich Shop, Couple, Buy, Manager

Couple Buys the Sandwich Shop They Met at Decades Earlier as Employees #GoodVibes

A Utah couple met as teenagers back in 1997 while working at Subway and in order to commemorate the place that started their love story, they bought the restaurant!
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