Jordan Davis, Cover, Harry Styles, Country Music, Watermelon Sugar

Stop what you're doing and listen to Jordan Davis cover Harry Styles

When your favorite country artists cover your favorite pop artists, it's an amazing thing to watch. Jordan Davis put his own little twist on Harry Style's amazing "Watermelon Sugar."
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Brett Eldredge, Cover, Billie Eilish, Country Music

Brett Eldredge's Cover of Billie Eilish Will Give You Chills!

Brett Eldredge does an amazing cover of Billie Eilish's "When The Party's Over," and it will legit give you chills! His voice and her lyrics sound PERFECT together.
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Guitar, Cover, Taylor Swift, Betty, Different Perspective, YouTube

This Cover of Taylor Swift's 'Betty' from Betty's Perspective is What You Need to Hear Today

Taylor Swift's Folklore has three different songs that all tell the same story from a different perspective. One YouTuber decided to take the song 'Betty' written from James' point of view and switch it to be from Betty's and it's a must-hear cover!
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Sam Hunt, Garth Brooks, Cover, Pop, Social Media, Fans. Different

Sam Hunt Releases A Very Interesting Cover of Garth Brooks 'What She's Doing Now'

Sam Hunt caused quite a stir on social media when he released a very pop and different sounding version of Garth Brooks' famous hit "What She's Doing Now." Fans are unsure what to think of the cover.
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The Chicks, Cover, Pop Punk, rock, Alex Melton, Wide Open Spaces, viral, Video

Do Yourself a Favor and Check Out This Punk Rock Version of 'Wide Open Spaces'

If you do nothing else today, you gotta listen to this punk rock version of The Chick's classic hit 'Wide Open Spaces.' It may surprise you how good the song still sounds when crossing over genres.
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Nickelback, Cover, Devil Went Down to Georgia, Band, Guitar Heavy

Nickelback Releases Very Guitar Heavy Cover of 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'

Ahh yes, Nickelback, the band America loves to hate on for no actual reason, released a very guitar-heavy cover of Charlie Daniels' famous 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia.'
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Morgan Wallen, New Song, Fan Favorite, 7 Summers, Country Music

LISTEN: Morgan Wallen Releases Fan Favorite '7 Summers'

Fans have been BEGGING Morgan Wallen to release a full studio version of the song ever since it went viral on Tik Tok and do not worry because he listened and dropped '7 Summers' last night!
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Maren Morris, Acoustic, The Middle, Cover, GIRL

Maren Morris Surprises Fans and Releases Acoustic Versions of Three of Her Biggest Hits

Maren Morris gave her fans a treat when she released acoustic versions of her three biggest hits: 'GIRL,' 'The Middle,' and 'The Bones.' The slowed-down versions of the songs are still just as amazing as the original.
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Keith Urban, Cover, Dua Lipa

Keith Urban's Cover of Dua Lipa is Exactly What We Need Right Now

Keith Urban is a HUGE fan of pop singer Dua Lipa and even covered her hit single "Don't Start Now" on his YouTube Channel. He said his favorite line from the song is "don't start caring about me now" because it is SOOOO relatable.
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Scotty McCreery, Cover, Strawberry Wine, CMA Summer Stay Cay

Scotty McCreery's Cover of 'Strawberry Wine' is Literal Perfection

Scotty McCreery did a cover of the 90s country classic "Strawberry Wine" for the CMA Summer Stay Cay special and you NEED to hear it! It might be considered perfection.
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