What Is The Nicest Thing Someone Has Ever Done For You?

What we usually hear is all the bad things people do to each other. But what about the good things? Stylz and Roman talked about how a restaurant owner helped a woman who was on a first date and the guy ghosted on her! They then took calls on the nice things people have done for each other. You'll...
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How Did Your Date Go Incredibly Bad?

Ever have a date go horribly wrong? Did you throw up at the table? Your date list his criminal record? How about your date taking food off of your plate? This....and more....happened to these Stylz and Roman listeners!
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What Big Moment in Your Life Was Ruined?

Sometimes big moments don't turn out the way you expect them to... This video went viral yesterday of a lil boy ruining his parents proposal by....well...just watch.... Video of Kid Pees During Proposal How did your big moment get messed up? Got sick on a date? Work goes off the rails? Check out...
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Non Physical Attractions

What Non-Physical Thing Do You Find Attractive In The Opposite Sex?

Roman went out on a date the other day and it was the girl's perfume that was the tipping point on whether there would be another date or not! That started a discussion about what non-physical things the Stylz and Roman listeners found attractive......and there was some pretty suprising stuff!
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