New York and Michigan Have Already Done It, Will Illinois Be Next? #BrightBytes

Illinois could be next in banning fruity flavored E-cigarettes. Katie has this news and more on today's Bright Bytes!
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Chewing Food

Stylz and Romance: Chew With Your Mouth Closed!

This edition of Stylz and Romance is really somthing you can sink your teeth in to... Melissa can’t understand why Jimmy hasn’t called her back. They went out on a date and went to a couple places before and everything went well, but once they got to dinner, everything changed. He stopped talking...
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Stylz and Romance: Ex Marks The Spot

Having dating problems? It's Stylz and Romance to the rescue! Jessica and Rob actually went out on a couple of dates and then the guy totally ghosted her! She thinks that her weight may have been the issue but Stylz and Roman get him on the phone and find out that wasn’t it at all. So how does he...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

The Rolling Jackpot in Roman's College of Country Knowledge is at a near record level! Allyson from Salem, Wisconsin wanted that cash, but she only got one right! (Opps!) Email if you think you'd get more than one correct when you're one on one with Roman! Today's Questions: 1...
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SNR Chris Lane

Chris Lane "Living With Your Girlfriend Is Expensive!"

Whenever you move in with someone, you often find out things about them that you didn't really know. Chris Lane admits that was the case when he moved in with his girlfriend Lauren. He told Stylz and Roman that he didn't realize how expensive a girlfriend can be when he's living with you! Guess...
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Rideshare App

Stylz and Romance: You'd Better Own A Car!

Mike lives Downtown and doesn't own a car. He either takes Uber, Lyft or some sort of public transporation to get around. That's not so unusual, but it was a total dealbreaker after her went out on a date with Hillary. She lives in Bartlett and thinks it's totally impractical to date a guy who...
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Couple At A Bar

What Lies Have You Told Someone At The Bar?

Ever met someone at a bar and they tell you something about their life that seems a little suspect? Roman met a girl over the weekend in Wrigleyville, but later found out later that she'd given him a fake name! What "little white lies" are told when you've had a couple of drinks? Are those lies OK?
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Broken Heart

Stylz and Romance: Separating Work and Play

Today on Stylz and Romance, we found out why some people don't like to mix work and pleasure. Alexis and Tyler recently went out on a date and had dinner, drinks, great conversation and even made out a little at the end. That's the good part. The bad part is that he hasn’t called since and sh has...
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Erin Bachelor Shirt

Stylz & Roman's Bachelor Finale Update Night Two

When The Bachelor ended on Monday, Colton had no one to pick from. He wanted to date Cassie, but it didn't seem like she wanted to hook up with him. Fast forward to the end of the show last night and Cassie and Colton are together on the finale of The Bachelor! How did we get to this point? Erin...
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Broken Heart

Stylz and Romance: One Drink Too Many!

Olivia and Criag met on a dating site and met for drinks at a local bar. She told Styz and Roman that she thought they had a good time. They had drinks, did some shots and had a really good time. So, if they had such a good time, why hasn't Craig called Olivia back? After today's Stylz and Romance...
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