Present, Gift Wrap, Christmas

Woman Returns Wrapped Gift Found on Street to Owner #GoodVibes

A South Carolina woman was able to brighten a family's Christmas by returning a wrapped gift she found in the middle of a busy road.
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HB Cake

Has Anyone Ever Forgotten Your Birthday?

If someone's birthday is NEW YEAR'S DAY, it's pretty hard to forget. But that's exactly what Stylz did to his best friend Stan! He texted him on January 2nd, the day after his birthday. Stylz and Roman talked to Stan this morning to see how he's feeling....and then talked to people who had the same...
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Child Walking

I Can't Believe I Missed My Child's First _______

Ever miss one of you child's firsts? Maybe their first step? Their first word? Tennis star Serena Williams missed her daughter's first steps and was really upset about it! What firsts did these parents tell Stylz and Roman that they missed?
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