Woman Bends Metal Bars With Her Bare Hands to Save a Deer

A woman named Chloe Dorsey was jogging in Georgia's Stone Mountain Park when she saw a deer stuck between the metal bars of a fence. So she used her BARE HANDS to bend the bars so it could escape. But her job wasn't finished because the deer got stuck AGAIN in another fence. This time the bars were...
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Raccoons In The Garbage

Your Wild Animal Run Ins!

Dougie Stylz went to Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America last night, so he wasn't home when trick or treaters came around. He left a bowl of candy out, but it wasn't trick or treaters that grabbed the candy! After checking his security camera, he realized that it was squirrels that grabbed all...
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Thomas Rhett

Who Was The Guy That Thomas Rhett Pulled On Stage Saturday Night?

On Saturday, Thomas Rhett pulled a guy named Scott up on stage while he was opening for Kenny Chesney. Video of Friends in Low Places - Thomas Rhett and Scott (Soldier Field) Here's another perspective of what happened to Scott: Video of July 30, 2018 Scott was wearing a Sox cap and didn't know who...
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What happens when you give chocolate to a deer? THIS!

If this is my shop, I'm freaked out ... and then AMAZED at the intelligence of these beautiful creatures >>>>> A deer entered one of the shops in Colorado. The shop owner gave him some chocolate biscuits and chocolate. He came out of the store and returned after half an hour with all...
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