Do People Always Mispronounce Your Name?

Did you check out the back of Chicago Bears cornerback Prince Amukamara during yesterday's game? His last name was spelled incorrectly, but no one noticed until halfway through the game, when they brought him a new one with his name spelled right! Amukamara is a pretty difficult name to spell...
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TRo Birthday

When Was There More Than Some Assembly Required?

Roman's son Tristan's 4th birthday was this past week and he had a great time! But what wasn't a great time was putting together all the toys Tristan got on his big day! Screws, stickers, batteries and decals! It's never easy! Check out what these parents had to struggle to assemble!
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What Words Can't You Pronounce?

What word can you not pronounce.....no matter how hard you try? Stylz and Roman have a hard time with the word rivalry. A bunch of US99 listeners checked in with what they have a hard time saying, butso did celebs Lindsey Ell and Carlos Mencia!
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