Bad Date

Ever Have A Terrible First Date?

Ever have a first date go South? These Stylz and Roman listeners sure did! How about finding out someone was married.....on your first date with them! Or what about you date taking you to Burger King on the first date....and they didn't let you Super Size? LOL! These all happened, as well as much...
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ranch dressing with carrots

Love Ranch? Everything On This Restaurant's Menu Has It!

For this St. Louis restaurant, everything on the menu involves ranch. It's my daughter Vivian's dream! The most popular item? The “Ranch This Country Flight 13” >>>> essentially, a basket of ranch-seasoned fries (duh!) with 13 different ranch flavors [of your choice> on a roundabout...
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How Do Split The Check?

How Do You Split The Check When You're Out With A Big Group?

So Stylz went out to dinner with a big group of people over the weekend, but there was some drama when the bill finally came! Exactly how do you split the check when you go out with a big group? Check out what these Stylz and Roman listeners did in similiar situations!
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