Long Distance

What Obstacles Are You Overcoming In Your Relationship?

Sometimes the obstacles in a relationship can be a deal breaker. But, if you really want it to work, you can overcome those obstacles! Case in point is these stories from the Stylz and Roman audience. Long distance relationships. Bad habits. Or stuff that's even worse... Hear them all below!
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Broken Umbrella

What Broke The First Time You Used It?

Stylz bought a new umbrella and used it for the first.....and last....time this morning! Yep, it broke the first time he used it! Ever have something break the first time you used it? Trucks and dishwashers were just some of the calls that Stylz and Roman got from the US99 listeners!
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Washing Machine

What Is The One Thing You're Overly Particular About?

Roman's buddy Eric is moving in with him....and Eric is very particular about the way he wants things. The hangers need to be the same. The bottles in the fridge all have to be pointed the same way. Thing is, he's not the only one! Check out what things these Stylz and Roman listeners have to have...
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