Adorable Corgis Are Taking Over the World

There’s no doubt that corgis are absolutely adorable, but now more than ever, they seem to be enjoying a major moment in the spotlight. According to the American Kennel Club , the Pembroke Welsh corgi’s clout is on the rise as it currently stands as the 13th most popular breed, up nine spots in a...
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People Love Dogs More Than Humans: Study

If you’d choose a night in with your pup over a night out with your friends any day, you probably aren’t alone. Turns out, there are lots of people who like dogs more than they like their fellow human beings. A study by researchers at Northeastern University and the University of Colorado aimed to...
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Kimmie Caruba & her dog Boots

Everyone is trying to get their dogs to say "I love you"

I tell my dog literally a million times a day I love her & I've never gotten it back like THIS DOG.
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Jealous Pets

Does Your Pet Get Jealous?

Roman had a dog growing up that would always get jealous when Roman would bring a girl over. Stylz had the same thing happen to him! They aren't the only ones with this problem either! Check out how jealous these Stylz and Roman listeners pets got!
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Pet translators are coming

Someone's about to make millions.
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Rhonda From Joliet

Rhonda from Joliet is hoping to head into the weekend with a victory over Roman in the College of Country Knowledge.
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