Coronavirus Pandemic Is Messing With People’s Dreams

In a Harvard University study, 2,000 people described having 5,000 coronavirus-related dreams this month. See how the pandemic has been affecting people’s dreams.
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The Goofy Passwords That You Use For Everything!

Did you see that Kanye West was in the Oval Office the other day and unlocked his phone in front of all the cameras present. The passcode was just a bunch of zeros! You'd think that someone like that would have a better password or maybe the thumb print ID or face recognition! Since everything now-...
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The One Thing I've Always Wanted To Do...

Anthony Rizzo has said that he's always wanted to pitch in a MLB game. Until yesterday that was just a dream. He actually got the chance yesterday when the Chicago Cubs were getting blown out by the Arizona Diamonbacks. Is there a dream that you have that you're trying to achieve? Stylz and Roman...
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So Happy For The Mom of 12 Who Just Graduated College at 89!

It's amazing enough to raise 12 kids in today's world, but to have the ability and drive to still obtain your goals at age 89? Ella, you inspire ALL of us today & beyond ... thank you! Such an inspiring story of #persistence . A mother of 12 children graduated college this year at the age of 89...
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Feeling stuck? Kip Moore has an inspirational perspective for you

"Well this life goes quick, and we only get one chance at this thing... There is no time like the present to start pursuing your passions" - Kip Moore
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