What Was Your Post Prom Horror Story?

What did you do after your prom? Sometimes, things don't go as planned and the wheels totally come off! Check out the bad things that happened to Stylz and Roman and their listeners when they tried to do something a little different after their prom!
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Cubs Fans

How Did People Get Off Work To Go To The Cubs Home Opener?

There was a whole bunch of people in Wrigleyville yesterday for Cubs Opening Day (which ended up not happening), but it begs one question.... How did all these people get a Monday morning off from work to start drinking that early. Stylz and Roman decided to ask them.....and also get their...
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The Roller Coaster That Was The Loyola-Michigan Game

Stylz and Roman's Loyola Final Four watch party was packed at Old Crow River North and it ended up being a roller coaster of emotions. The guys talked to several fans, including Windy City Live's Ryan Chiaverini, before during and after the game, and people went from optimistic to happy to down in...
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Beer Pong

What Bar Game Are You The Master Of?

What's the bar game that you're the master of? Stylz played a bar game that was a combination of bowling and football this past weekend and had a great time! But while that's cool, wait till you hear what cool....and some downright disgusting.....games these Stylz and Roman listners played!
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St Pattys Day

It's Stylz & Roman St. Patrick's Day Recap

Many people get crazy....maybe a little too crazy....on St. Patrick's Day! So what craziness did the Stylz and Roman listeners see.....and why is one Chicago alderman ticked off about the carnage left behind? Sttylz and Roman have all the details....
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Five Tips For Preventing That St. Patrick's Day Hangover

Did you know St.Patrick's Day is the fourth largest drinking holiday in the United States? All the green beer, Irish whiskey, and other festive drinks can start to add up fast leaving you with the WORST hangover ever! I have found as I get older that even the littlest bit of over-indulgence can...
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Stylz & Roman's 15 Second Frenzy

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Stylz and Roman want to know how many beers could you name in 15 Seconds? Stylz and Roman put Midland to the test this morning against listener Kendra to find out! As an added extra, they also have some hangover remedies for after you drink all those beers as well!
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5 Drinks That Are Perfect for Every Kind of St. Patrick's Day Celebration

We have rounded up some of the most unique (and most popular) cocktails that YOU can make to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
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Five Special Deals for National Margarita Day That Will Have You Celebrating!

National Margarita Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with a great drink tonight. So we have compiled a list of some restaurants that are offering specials for the holiday.
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