Can Selfies Be Dangerous or Even Deadly?

Did you know that hundreds of people have died trying to take a selfie. Either they weren't paying attention while doing it....or where they were was downright dangerous! Stylz and Roman talked to people who did selfies while driving, in the rain and even in front of an uncaged LIVE alligator!!
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When Was The Inopportune Time Your Child Had To Go To The Bathroom?

Having kids can be great, but sometimes it's can be not so fun. Case in point, Roman took his son on Disney on Ice over the weekend and his son kept telling him he didn't need to use the bathroom......until after the show started. Sometimes, young kids can pick the worst time to have to use the...
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Doggy Dog

What Is The Crazy Thing That Your Pet Does?

Video of Stylz Dog Knows How To Drive So what would you do if you looked over and saw a dog driving a Jeep? That's what happened to Stylz the other day when his dog jumped into his lap while he was driving and put her paws at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel. A dog that knows how to drive? Thats...
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Driver Shocked When Snake Pops Out From Under Car’s Hood [VIDEO]

A man driving in Arizona was shocked when a snake suddenly appeared from under the hood of his car and slithered onto his windshield. He managed to pull over and film a video of the snake. He said the snake wrapped around his wiper and went back under his hood, WHERE HE COULDN'T FIND IT. Time to...
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Stephen Curry

What Do Your Parents Still Correct You On?

Even if you're a HUGE NBA star, that doesn't mean that your Mom still can't correct you. Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry says his Mom got on case after he let out a couple of curse words after a recent game! No matter, what your age....Mom still makes the rules and here's some calls from...
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Stylz' Son Nate Has His Driver's Permit!

Stylz' 15-year-old stepson just got his driver's permit, but neither Stylz nor his wife Connie could decide whose vehicle he'll learn to drive in! They made their decision this morning on the air in the most old-school way possible....a coin flip! Stylz also decided to see just how much of the...
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