Elmhurst College


Crazy College Roomate Stories!

For a lot of people, college is the first time that you room up with someone you've never met. Most times those people are cool, but other times, those people can sometimes be a little off the wall. Stylz and Roman talked to people who ended up with college roommates that ended tossing flour and...
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Brett and SNR

Brett Eldredge With Stylz and Roman

Brett Eldredge LOVES Chicago! He explained to Stylz and Roman that he got in to Chicago early so he could spend the day before and after to just enjoy the city. That's not surprising considering that he is a Chicago boy that attended Elmhurst College (which is the same school Roman attended!) He...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Roman graduated fro Elmhurst College, but will his challeneger, Domenica, who is also from Elmhurst, graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge? No matter what school you went to, you can enroll by emailing Mornings@US99.com ! Today's Questions: 1. Dierks Bentley has teamed with Pepsi for...
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