Cellphone Ringing

The Most Embarrassing Time Your Phone Went Off!

Roman was at church with a friend this past Sunday when her phone went off. Even worse was the fact that her ringtone was the "Baby Shark" song! An embarrassing moment for sure, but an LOL moment as well! Where did you phone go off? For these Stylz and Roman listeners it was everywhere from Church...
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What Did You Say or Do That Totally Embarrassed Yourself?

Ever say or do something stupid that you wish you could take it back right away? It happened to Stylz and Roman's co-worker Rich over the weekend. He thought he was saying hi to Javi Baez, but it was actually Wilson Contreras! Opps! But what happened to some of these Stylz and Roman listeners was...
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Roman Totally Embarrassed Himself At The Cubs Game Yesterday!

Roman totally made a fool of himself at the Cubs/Brewers tiebreaker game. A couple asked for a picture and he assumed he meant with him, but actually they wanted to take a picture of them. Oops! The US99 audience made him feel a little less embarrassed because they had stories of making fools of...
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Fall Down

Where Did You Fall Down and Totally Embarrass Yourself?

It was a bad day to be a celeb over the weekend. Both J-Lo and Dan and Shay fell down while performing and, with cellphone cameras everywhere, both falls were all over the internet in minutes! We all fall down sometimes, and just like with famous people, it usually pretty embarrassing! Check out...
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