How Did You Get Engaged?

Did you see this engagment that happened at the Emmys on Monday night? Video of Watch Emmys Winner Propose to Girlfriend During Speech Pretty romantic, right? Everyone loves a good proposal story, so Stylz and Roman opened up the phone to see how someone "popped the question" in their life!
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Engagement Ring

When Is Too Quick or Too Long To Get Engaged?

Pop singer Ariana Grande and SNL star Pete Davidson just got engaged, which isn't unusual, but it's the length time they were dating that's ususual. They've only been dating a couple of months....and now they're headed to the altar! Just how short is too short? How long is too long? Stylz and Roman...
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Dan and Shay

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Julian from the South Side had a less than successful run in Roman's College of Country Knowledge. He went 0 for 5, so it's safe to say he won't see a penny of the $800 bucks in the rolling jackpot! It's harder when you play on the air! Get your chance by emailing Mornings@US99.com ! Today's...
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Awww... This Couple Got Engaged on I-290

For one day only, I-290 will be known for something other than pesky traffic jams. If you drove down the interstate last week, you may have noticed a marriage proposal hanging on a bridge above. The bright red letters read, "Annamarie, will you marry me?" Mystery solved! Meet the couple that got...
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Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd have "a proper Texas engagement party"

Did we mention how FUN & cute it looked?!
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