Snack Bowl, US*99, Super Bowl, Jason and Katie

WATCH: The Final Results of The First Annual US*99 Snack Bowl

The judges have spoken and the results are in for your 2020 US*99 Snack Bowl Champion! Who will be crowned the winner?
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Snackbowl, US*99, Super Bowl, Jason and Katie

US*99 Snack Bowl Part 2 With Erin and Scotty

Erin and Scotty share their favorite homemade appetizer for the first annual US*99 Morning Show Snack Bowl.
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Gender Price Wars, Price Is Right, US*99 Morning Show

The US*99 Morning Show Plays Gender Price Wars!

The Price Is Right: Gender Edition. Erin and Katie quiz Jason and Scotty to see if they know how much typical 'female' holiday items cost.
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US*99 Morning Show, Katie Bright, Scotty Kay, Jason Pullman, Erin Creedon

Katie Gives Scotty Some Hilarious Advice on How to Train His Dog

In a very vibrant discussion about what the morning show wants for Christmas, Katie began giving Scotty advice on how to train his dog after saying he wishes he would stop pooping in the house.
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Brett Eldredge Calls in to Wish the New Morning Show Good Luck!

Chicago native Brett Eldredge called into the Jason and Katie Show this morning to wish them luck on their first day! Katie used to work for Warner Music and Eldredge was one of the artists that she represented. He literally woke up early just to hear the show! Then he talked about his favorite...
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Erin Rose

Stylz & Roman's Bachelor Update

Did you miss last night's Bachelor cliffhanger? Stylz and Roman did, but that's because they're guys! But they've still got you covered! Erin from the US99 Promotions Department religously watches every week and has a list of what she calls her OMB moments! BTW, OMB stands for OH MY BACHELOR!...
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