Roommate Horror Stories!

Roman's Mom recently moved into his house. This week his sister, her husband and kids will be staying at his house as well. So, he went from no roommates to having a whole bunch really quick! While his situation shouldn't be that bad, sometimes roommates aren't all that nice! Check out the roommate...
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Mouth Taped Shut

The Last Time You Stuck Your Foot In Your Mouth Was...

Ever say something so goofy that you wish you could take it back right after the words leave your mouth? Roman's entertainment co-host at the Chicago Bulls home games did just that this past weekend! WGN's Cortney Hall and Roman were meeting a young family when she mentioned how nice the parents...
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The Cast Of The Office Had A Mini-Reunion And The Picture Is Awesome!

This. Is. Amazing. Some of the old gang got together today... it was so great to see everyone! I turned to Ed and said, “I feel like we are at a family reunion.” He smiled and said, “We are.” ❤️ Thanks Greg for hosting! For those who couldn’t make it... you were missed!
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I'd Love To Have A "Do-Over" On This In My Life!

Ever want to have a do over in life? The Chicago Bulls probably wish they could have a mulligan after yesterday's 149 to 124 loss to the Golden State Warriors. Is there anything in your life that you wish you could do different? These Stylz and Roman listeners sure did as they had stories about...
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A+ on Test

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Jamie is from Cicero and joked that if she graduated from Roman's College of Country Knowledge she'd be the richest person in Cicero! Why? Because $1400 bucks is currently sitting in the rolling jackpot! But you have to enroll to play, so email [email protected] . Today's Questions: 1. This Texas...
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Fantasy Football

Who Has The Funniest Fantasy Football Team Names?

The Chicago Bears lost yesterday, which may or may not have messed up your fantasy football league. But, that's usually not the best part about fantasy football, it's the names of the teams that are hilarious! Check out the funny team names of these Stylz and Roman well as an...
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College Table

Today's Roman's College of Country Knowledge Was A Family Affair!

Andy was in Lincoln Park when he played Roman's College of Country Knowledge, but he wasn't alone! He had his kids in the car to play along and try and take down Roman! Whether it's just you or you and your extended family, playing is as easy as emailing [email protected] ! Today's Questions: 1. “...
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So Sad To Learn Of The Passing Of Brandon Church

So sad to hear of Eric's brother Brandon passing too soon ... keeping his entire family in our thoughts this week! Eric Church's brother, Brandon, died last week, a representative for the country star confirms. A note at a page set up for a memorial scholarship fund in Brandon's honor remembers him...
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Judge Rules 30-Year-Old Must Move Out, After Being Sued By His Parents

Hey millennials, are you still living at home? If that’s the case, your parents may be able to legally evict you. It took a lawsuit and a court order, but 30-year-old Michael Rotondo will be forced to move out of his parents' home just outside of Syracuse, NY. Michael had briefly moved out when he...
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