Stock Photo/Man at the airport

Soldier watches daughter's birth on FaceTime after two flight delays

The first-time dad cheered his wife on from the terminal, "Push, push, push, push, push! You got it!"
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Did You Ever Send A Text To The Wrong Person?

Ever send a text to the wrong person? It happened to a member of the US99 Promotions Department and you won't believe what she texted and to just who she mistakenly texted it to! Let's just say that her dad hasn't looked her in the eyes ever since!
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SNR Stretch

What Is Your Favorite Cubs Memory?

If you're a North Side fan, you probably have a favorite memory from Wrigley Field. For Roman, it was attending a World Series game in the Friendly Confines with his son and his late father. There was also the time that both Stylz and Roman got to sing the Seventh Inning Stretch. Those were their...
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Newborn Baby

Was Your Child A Little Less Than Cute At Birth?

A new survey claims that many parents don't think that a newborn baby is cute until they're a couple of months old. Roman admitted that his son looked like an alien right after he was born, but has turned into a pretty cute kid now. Were any other parents willing to admit that maybe their child...
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Cole Swindell: I Was Scared To Release The 'You Should Be Here' Video

Back in the day, Cole Swindell was selling merchandise for Luke Bryan at Joe's Bar.
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