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"Guy in a Jet Pack" Spotted 3,000 Feet Above LAX

2020 has given us some crazy and "I can't believe that just happened" moments and that's probably what this airline pilot thought when he saw a "guy in a jet pack" hovering over LAX at 3,000 feet.
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Can You Get Arrested For Lying to Your Boss About Having Coronavirus?

A Georgia man allegedly lied about having contracted coronavirus to his employer and wound up arrested by the FBI and charged with fraud. The man allegedly submitted a fake doctor’s note.
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MusiCares Person Of The Year Honoring Dolly Parton

The FBI Just Gave Dolly Parton an Award

The FBI -- yes, THAT FBI, as in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, just gave Dolly Parton an award!!! Now if you're starting to think 'Men In Black'-esq thoughts, that's not exactly what this award is about. Dolly Parton is being honored by the FBI for the incredible amount of help she provided...
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