Shocked Smartphone

Sassy Siri Is All About Female Empowerment!

Every morning Stylz and Roman fire up the iPhone they found at Woodfield Mall and prepare themsleves for a little attitude! Over the weekend, Sassy Sir claims she went to the Maren Morris concert at The Riv and is now totally about female empowerment! She wants the guys to rub her shoulders and...
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Not Sexy

What Is The Least Sexy Thing Your Man Does?

Blake Shelton reign is over as People Magazine has named Idris Elba as 2018's Sexiest Man Alive. Since neither Stylz and Roman made the list, they decided to talk to the ladies to find out what the least sexiest quality their man had! Smelly Feet! Stinky Gas! Bad Allergies! Random Noises! Yep,...
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Eww! Gross Co-Workers!

Is the microwave at your work as disgusting as the one in the US99 kitchen? Video of Anyone Want To Clean The US99 Microwave? Every workplace has employees that do some pretty disgusting things. Sometimes it's leaving the microwave a mess, other times it's clipping toenails or leaving food out for...
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Guys, What Is The First Thing You Notice On A Woman?

Yesterday, Stylz and Roman talked to women about the first thing they noticed about a guy. Today they flipped the script and asked guys what the first thing they noticed about a female was! While some guys gave the obvious responses you'd expect, there was also some guys who will suprise you! Are...
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