What Happens to Extra Valentine's Day Flowers?

The flower business really blooms in February when Valentine’s Day comes around with a few thousand tons of flowers flown into the US for buyers to snatch up. But what happens to the flowers that don’t get purchased? See the details.
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First Date

What Are Your "Outside of The Box" First Date Ideas?

In case you didn't know, Stylz is the married guy on the show and Roman is currently single. Roman often goes on first dates, but it's always dinner and a movie and he's looking to change things up a little bit. So who does he ask for advice? Well, the Stylz and Roman listeners of course! Check out...
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Whose Name Is Tattooed On Your Body?

Kane Brown got married over the weekend and tattooed his new wife's name on his hand right after the ceremony. Pete Davidson of SNL fame just broke up with his fiancee, pop singer Ariana Grande, and he has her name tattooed on several places on his body! Sometimes, what you think will last forever...
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Cubs Morrow

The Weird Ways You Injured Yourself!

Injuring your back putting on your pants isn't the most manly way to injure yourself. But that's what landed Cubs pitcher Brandon Morrow on the ten day disabled list! It's a pretty weird way to injure yourself, but not as weird as some of these callers to Stylz and Roman! Who injures themselves...
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What Did You Steal?

What Illegal Thing Did You Get Away With?

So Stylz was shopping this past weekend and bought his wife a bunch of flowers. Thing is, they didn't charge him for all the flowers! Did he go back? Well, NO! Should he be ashamed.....or is this somethng that everybody does?
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