Valentine's Day

Will It Be A Good or Bad Valentine's Day For You?

Some people consider Valentine's Day a high holiday. Others think of it as nothing more than a Hallmark holiday. No matter what sid of the fence you fall on, it's either a good day or a bad day for you! In honor of that, Stylz and Roman let their listeners either brag or bag on their significant...
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HB Cake

Has Anyone Ever Forgotten Your Birthday?

If someone's birthday is NEW YEAR'S DAY, it's pretty hard to forget. But that's exactly what Stylz did to his best friend Stan! He texted him on January 2nd, the day after his birthday. Stylz and Roman talked to Stan this morning to see how he's feeling....and then talked to people who had the same...
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Birthday Cake

I Can't Believe They Forgot My Birthday!

Today is Dougie Stylz's birthday and thankfully, no one forgot! But sometimes people do! Stylz and Roman talked to people who either forgot their signficant others birthday or had theirs forgotten! There was even one story about a MOM that forgot her daughter's birthday! Opps! How does that happen?
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