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TRo Mic

This Translating Tristan Is Worth The Whiskey!

Roman's four year old son Tristan loves to sing! It's just WHAT he's trying to sing that is a little hard to figure out! Just what Stars and Strings artist and song is little Tristan singing in today's Translating Tristan? HINT: It's all about the a certain type of alcohol....
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TRo The DJ

You'll Need Some Friends In Low Places To Figure Out This Translating Tristan!

If you've ever been to a bar, then you'll know this very famous "bar song" that Stylz and Roman used for Translating Tristan! But, will you know it when a four year old, who just happens to be Roman's son Tristan, when he sings it? You might need to call some "Friends In Low Places" to figure out...
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Tro Wrigley

If You Bleed Cubbie Blue You'll Know This Translating Tristan Song!

The Chicago Cubs may have lost the NL Central to the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday, but today is a new day and the Wildcard game is tonight against the Colorado Rockies. To get everyone hyped for that, Stylz and Roman decided to do a Cubbie themed edition of Translating Tristan. If you're a true Cubs...
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Tro Mic

Translating Tristan: Kenny Chesney Edition

Kenny Chesney is in town this weekend, so today's Translating Tristan has a Kenny Chesney theme to it. Julie from Streamwood had to continue on after Roman's four year old son stopped singing a Kenny Chesney song. Was she able to figure it out?
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Translating Tristan: The "Country Girl" Edition

It's easy to figure out what Luke Bryan is singing when he sings "Country Girl", but not so much when a four year old does it! Take a listen to see if you could pick out what Roman's four year old son was singing in this week's edition of "Translating Tristan!"
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Translating Tristan Pic

Translating Tristan With Dan and Shay

It may take a shot of tequila or two to figure out this edition of Translating Tristan! Roman's four year old son sings and it's up to a US99 listener to figure out exactly what he's singing! Listener Kelly wasn't able to, would you be able to make out what song he's singing?
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