Diploma and Cap

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

What would you do with the $1500 that is currently sitting in our rolling jackpot? That's why Patricia from Hammond was playing for in Roman's College of Country Knowledge today! No matter how much the amount, you can get a chance at winning by emailing [email protected] ! Today's Questions: 1...
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TV Set

What Classic TV Show Would You Like Brought Back?

It looks like the TV series "90210" is returning to TV and looks like a good portion of the original cast is coming back too! TV shows seem to be getting rebooted all the time, but is there any show that you wish would be brought back that hasn't been yet? Three's Company? Married With Children?...
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Steve Harvey to Return as the 2018 'Miss Universe' Host

Steve Harvey will return as the host of the 2018 Miss Universe competition.
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