Phone Laughing

Sassy Siri Has Knock Knock Jokes For Stylz & Roman!

So, Stylz and Roman thought that Sassy Siri was trying to be nice when she started telling them some jokes. The jokes were all knock knock jokes, which never offend anyone right? Well, Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitude started out nice, but everything took a turn for a worse as the jokes...
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"I Can't Believe My Child Said That!"

Roman was out with his four year old son the other day and Tristan made it a point to explain something about his dad to everyone. He pointed out to EVERYONE that Roman had a pimple on his nose! Embarrassing, right? That was pretty bad for him, but some even funnier things were said by the children...
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Tattoo Sign

Well, Maybe That Tattoo Was A Bad Idea...

Sometimes a tattoo sounds like a good idea at the time, but you regret it after the fact. Or even worse, what you thought the tattoo would be wasn't what it was at all! That's what happened to pop singer Ariana Grande. She thought she was getting a tattoo that said "7 Rings" in Chinese lettering...
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Broken Heart

Stylz and Romance: He's Not As Funny As He Thinks He Is!

Crystal from Schaumburg went out on a date with Mark and for her, it was nothing to laugh about! Mark thought he was funny by cracking jokes throughout their date, but Crystal didn't think "that's what she said" was all that funny. Stylz and Roman got both on the phone to see if a second date would...
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AHHHH! I'm Becoming My Parents!

Ever have that moment when you realize that you're becoming your parents? You do that thing that your Mom or Dad always did that drove you crazy while you were growing up... Well, Stylz and Roman both recently had that moment. They aren't alone either, these US99 listeners also called in with the...
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Ladies, What Was The Worst Christmas Gift You've Gotten From A Guy?

Sometimes guys can be totally clueless when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for their girlfriends or wives. Don't believe us? Check out the gifts that these women told Stylz and Roman that their significant other got them for Christmas. Really, what woman wouldn't love a slingshot under the tree...
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Stupid Question

The Stupidest Question I Asked/Was Ever Asked...

Thomas Rhett posted a video of his wife Lauren asking whether Pittsburgh was in Massachusetts. We all ask stupid questions sometimes, but hopefully our significant others aren't posting it to social media like Thomas did! Check out the goofy questions that these Stylz and Roman listeners either...
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What Did Your Child Say That Made You LOL? (But You Probably Shouldn't Have!)

As a parent there are times when you shouldn't laugh at something your child said or did, but you can't help it! Roman had a situation like that a couple of nights ago where his son said something (which will have you LOL-ing when you hear it!) He shouldn't have laughed, but he couldn't help it!...
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Phone Number

Have You Ever Given A Guy or Girl A Fake #?

Tim McGraw gave out what he claimed was his real phone number the other day, but it ended up just being a ploy to plug something he's got coming up. Sometimes, you have to give a guy or a girl a fake number just to get them to leave you alone! The funny thing is, sometimes the "fake number" is a...
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Social Media

Did You Ever Mess With Someone's Social Media!

It's never good to leave your Facebook, Twitter or any sort of socila media open when you're not around. Drew Walker did that in the studio recently, so Stylz and Roman had a little fun and posted to his Facebook! They kept it clean, but sometimes people do some pretty crazy stuff to their friends...
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