Teen Saved His Money for Two Years So He Could Buy His Friend a New Wheelchair

This right here is real friendship. Tanner Wilson is a high school senior in Norman, Arkansas. One of his best friends is Brandon Qualls, who happens to have some disabilities need to use a wheelchair to get around. Brandon's always used a regular wheelchair even though it made his arms tired. He's...
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SNR WithThomas

Thomas Rhett Talks Parenting, Music and Kenny Chesney With Stylz and Roman

How many kids does Thomas Rhett's wife want to have before she's 35? Stylz and Roman talked to Thomas about just that....and what gift that Kenny Chesney got him that might not help him in that process! LOL! They also got got into what it feels like to get soo many nominations for the upcoming CMA...
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Ron and Trisha

A Couple Got Engaged At LakeShake This Past Weekend!

Lots of BIG things happened at LakeShake, but for one couple, the ULTIMATE thing happened! Ron and Trisha from Grayslake actually got engaged during Russell Dickerson's performance of "Yours." Stylz and Roman talked to Ron about just how nervous he was and then even gave the couple their very first...
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