Tech Gifts for Senior Moms This Mother's Day

Help mom stay in touch. An aging expert shares some gift advice for Mother’s Day, which is on Sunday. See what tech items you can give your senior parents for Mother’s Day.
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Birthday Gift

Help! What Should Roman Buy His Mom For Her Birthday?

Everyone knows that tomorrow is Valentine's Day, but it's also Roman's Mom's birthday! Like a true guy, he hasn't bought his Mom anything for either yet! So what does he do in a situation like this? Well, turn to the US99 audience for advice.....and they didn't fail him!
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The 10 Best Chicago-Themed Holiday Gifts

It is the greatest city on Earth...
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Ladies, What Was The Worst Christmas Gift You've Gotten From A Guy?

Sometimes guys can be totally clueless when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for their girlfriends or wives. Don't believe us? Check out the gifts that these women told Stylz and Roman that their significant other got them for Christmas. Really, what woman wouldn't love a slingshot under the tree...
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Who Should You Tip At Christmas?

Just who are you expected to tip during the holidays? If the research that Stylz and Roman did is correct, it seems like it's just about everyone! So just who do people tip or not tip around Christmas? Stylz and Roman turned to their listeners to find out!
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Have You Ever Re-Gifted Something At Christmas Time?

It's that time of the year when this happens a lot! What you ask? Well, regifting of course! Have you ever been the victim of this at Christmas time or are you the one doing the regifting? These Stylz and Roman listeners sure did...
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SNR Lady A

Charles Kelley From Lady A Calls In To The Stylz and Roman Show!

What can we expect when Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker's current tour stops in Tinley Park this Saturday night? "It's really is a co-headling tour" he told Stylz and Roman this morning, "and it's a total sing-a-long type of night." Kelley also told the guys about how cool it is to tour with your...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Becca is a struggling college student, so she could really use the money in the rolling jackpot. What's one way to win some fast cash? Graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge! Email to play! Today's Questions: 1. Nicole Kidman posted a pic the other day of her hubby...
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Wedding Gifts

The Weird Wedding Gift You Received

Stylz has a younger sister that's getting married this weekend.....and she and her husband are sure to recieve a ton of gifts. Most of the time those gifts are really cool but sometimes they can be a little goofy! Check out the strange items these Stylz and Roman listeners got on their big day....
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Mother's Day drawing

Awesome (Last Minute) Mother's Day Gifts

We know you didn't forget... you're just... busy!
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