Mouth Taped Shut

The Last Time You Stuck Your Foot In Your Mouth Was...

Ever say something so goofy that you wish you could take it back right after the words leave your mouth? Roman's entertainment co-host at the Chicago Bulls home games did just that this past weekend! WGN's Cortney Hall and Roman were meeting a young family when she mentioned how nice the parents...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Anna from Crest Hill was hoping to use the $350 in the rolling jackpot to help plan her upcoming wedding. Sadly, she came up one question short in Roman's College of Country Knowledge! Think you can go 5 for 5? Email to play! Today's Questions: 1. Ada James, who is the daughter of...
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Did You Do A Gender Reveal Party For Your Baby?

Gender reveal parties seem to be all the rage lately, in fact, there was even one that happened on stage at the Cubs Convention this pst weekend.
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