Thomas Rhett and Lauren

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Sugarland. Center Point Road. Old Dominion. Carrie and Chris. Did Janelle from the West Side know more than Roman about these topics to graduate? Ready to earn your diploma in Roman's College of Country Knowledge? Email ! Today's Questions: 1. This group started as a duo, became a...
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Cole Swindell & Barbie Blank at the 2019 ACMs

Did Cole Swindell just confirm he has a girlfriend?!?!

When it comes to relationships, every person is different. Some LOVE to share what's going on in their personal lives (Kane Brown & Katelyn, we love you!) and others prefer to keep things a bit under the radar. Cole Swindell always seemed to fit in the latter category as he has, of recent...
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How To Train Your Dragon

Classic Cinemas Going To The Show Review: "How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World"

Isn't animation now-a-days amazing? Dougie Stylz took his family to see "How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" and was taken aback by just how lifelike everything is. He, his wife Connie and stepson Nate have seen the previous two films in theater, so they made a family night out of it to see...
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Wedding Dress

Did You Get Married Quickly? Did It Work?

Ever meet someone and get engaged (and then married) really quickly? While love at first site seems like something out of a fairy tale, it does happen! Miranda Lambert just announced that she got married to a guy that she hasn't know all that long! She's not alone in doing this either. The phones...
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Give Up

I Gave Up ___________ For My Significant Other

Luke Combs told Stylz and Roman in a recent interview that he gave up chewing tobacco for his girlfriend. But he did admit to them that he does miss it, but he knows it's for the better. Sometimes we give up something for our significant others to make them happy. For Luke Combs it was for the good...
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Carly With SNR

Will Anyone Top Michael Ray's Romantic Moves With Carly Pearce?

Michael Ray surprised girlfriend Carly Pearce by showing up unannounced at a recent show. That's pretty romantic isn't it? Can the US99 listeners top Michael's romantic moves? How about new cars, new motorcycles and so much more as gifts!
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Got Caught Cheating? These Stylz & Roman Listeners Sure Did!

What was the one fatal flaw that led you to catch your significant other cheating? Was it a pic left on your cellphone? Maybe it was an unplanned Uber ride... He left his computer open.... Or maybe something even worse than what these Stylz and Roman listeners called in with!
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Hiding Something

Are You Hiding Something From Your Significant Other?

Yesterday Stylz and Roman talked about things kids hide from their parents. Today they flipped the script and asked people what they hid from their significant others! Cheating? Pets? Regifted Gifts? Stylz and Roman heard all this.....and much worse!
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What Did You Learn About BF/GF After Moving In Together?

There's always something you learn about someone when you move in with them. Our engineer Dom just moved in with his girlfriend and it drive Dom crazy that she doesn't wash her dishes before putting them in the sink! So what did Stylz and Roman's listeners learn when they moved in together? How...
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How Did You Catch Your Significant Other Cheating?

Cleveland CavaliersTristan Thompson was caught on allegedly cheating on pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian. While that's bad, what's even worse is that it looks like she's taken him back! Cheating isn't just something that celebs do, check out how these Stylz and Roman caught their significant...
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