Hiding Something

Are You Hiding Something From Your Significant Other?

Yesterday Stylz and Roman talked about things kids hide from their parents. Today they flipped the script and asked people what they hid from their significant others! Cheating? Pets? Regifted Gifts? Stylz and Roman heard all this.....and much worse!
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What Did You Learn About BF/GF After Moving In Together?

There's always something you learn about someone when you move in with them. Our engineer Dom just moved in with his girlfriend and it drive Dom crazy that she doesn't wash her dishes before putting them in the sink! So what did Stylz and Roman's listeners learn when they moved in together? How...
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How Did You Catch Your Significant Other Cheating?

Cleveland CavaliersTristan Thompson was caught on allegedly cheating on pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian. While that's bad, what's even worse is that it looks like she's taken him back! Cheating isn't just something that celebs do, check out how these Stylz and Roman caught their significant...
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Run Into Ex

Ever Have An Awkward Run In With Your Ex?

Roman was out with a friend over the weekend and that friend unexpectedly ran into his ex! Talk about awkward! What do you do in a situation like that? Check out what Roman's well as a bunch of US99 listeners...did!
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[WATCH] Luke Bryan Tries To Calm Down Guy's Angry Girlfriend During Concert, It Doesn't Work

She may be in the front row with her boyfriend at Luke Bryan's show, but something has made her EXTREMELY upset at her man - so upset in fact, that when Luke himself tries to calm her down - it doesn't work. You gotta wonder what this guy did!?! [H/T WHISKEY RIFF ] Video of Luke Bryan Tries To Help...
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