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Miss Megan, Camp Kindergarten, Facebook, Good Vibes

Miss Megan's Camp Kindergarten is the Perfect E-Learning Tool for Your Kids

Thousands of parents and kids tune in every day to Miss Megan's Camp Kindergarten online classes on Facebook Live. She films her live “morning meetings” from her home in Lake Bluff, Illinois.
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Stimulus Check, Tip, Restaurant, Family Owned, Good Vibes

Customer Leaves Entire Stimulus Check as Tip at Family Owned Restaurant

Many Americans have been receiving their government stimulus checks and while some plan to use the money on themselves, either for splurge purposes or to help financially, one couple decided to use it to help their favorite restaurant.
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Pride Masks, Lori Lightfoot, Chicago, Mayor

Pride Masks Creating Chicago Themed Face Masks and Donating to First Responders

A local printing and design company in Chicago, Pride Masks, has been creating costume face masks and donating them to the mayor as well as first responders, and they are also available to purchase by the public.
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Gym, Illinois, Owner, Equipment, COVID-19

Illinois Gym Owner Gave Out $40,000 Worth of Equipment For Members to Work Out at Home

With all non-essential businesses closed and everyone practicing social distancing, people are now figuring out ways to work out from home and one Illinois gym owner went the extra mile to help his clients.
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Marathon Runner, COVID-19, Milwaukee, Healthcare Worker

Healthcare Worker Creates Own Route and Runs First Marathon After Event Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

Erica Carpenter, a healthcare worker, was disappointed when her first marathon was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but did not let that stop her and instead, created her own route to run the marathon alone.
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Tyler Perry, Tip, Servers, Restaurant. COVID-19

Tyler Perry Leaves $21,000 in Tips at Restaurant to Help Workers During the Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and all the shelter in place orders all restaurants have cut back on their hours and are only open for curbside pickup, to-go orders, or delivery, which is why Tyler Perry left a large tip at his favorite Atlanta restaurant.
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Gas Station, Discounted Gas, Healthcare Workers, BP, Amoco

BP and Amoco Offering Discounted Gas to Healthcare Workers During Pandemic

Healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, first responders, and hospital workers are eligible to receive 50 cents off per gallon at BP and Amoco stations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Math Teacher, Whiteboard, Help, Social Distancing

Math Teacher Helps Student Through Glass Door via Whiteboard

One math teacher went above and beyond to help a student that was struggling with a homework assignment.
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Valedictorian, 2020 Graduating Class, Culvers, Drive Thru

Principal Visits High School Student at Drive Thru Window to Announce She's the 2020 Valedictorian

Due to the quarantine, the principal at Grand Traverse Academy in Traverse City, Michigan could not tell the student in person that she was the 2020 graduating class valedictorian, so she visited her at work to share the news via the drive-thru window.
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Nursing Home, Senior Living, Visit, Truck, COVID-19

Man Uses Bucket Truck to Visit Mom in Senior Living Home #GoodVibes

A picture truly is worth a thousand words and the one of a man sitting in the bucket of a truck as it lifts him up to his mother's window at the senior living home says it all.
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