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Bull Rider, Girl, PBR, Athlete

13 Year Old is Only Girl on the Aspiring Bull Rider Pro Tour #GoodVibes

13-year-old Najiah Knight is currently the only girl on the Professional Bull Riders tour’s miniature bull riders circuit across the country and around the world.
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Man in Park, Park Bench, Bon Jovi, Sing-Along, Good Vibes

Man in Park Starts Impromptu Bon Jovi Sing-ALong #GoodVibes

It’s moments like these that make life beautiful. A random man sitting on a park bench began singing Bon Jovi's 'Living on a Prayer' and pretty soon the entire park was singing along with him.
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Super Bowl, Kansas City Chiefs, Groundskeeper

Kansas City Chiefs Groundskeeper Had a Super Bowl to Remember #GoodVibes

Doug Schallenberg, the Kansas City Chiefs groundskeeper, has worked at 11 different Super Bowls, but this year he was able to enjoy the game in the stands with his wife.
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Golden Retriever, WeatherTech, Commerical, Ad, Super Bowl

WeatherTech CEO buys $6 Million Ad To Thank Veterinarians For Saving Dog's Life #GoodVibes

The CEO of the car liner company WeatherTech spent $6 Million on a Super Bowl ad thanking the veterinarians from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison for saving his dog's life.
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Ben Zobrist, Chicago Cubs, Autograph, Illinois

Cubs Player Ben Zobrist Didn't Let Weather Stop Him From Signing Autographs #GoodVibes

While some athletes may cancel a scheduled appearance due to flight problems, Ben Zobrist hopped in his car to make it to a central Illinois sports shop.
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George Kittle, 49ers, Football, Super Bowl

Super Bowl Player Gives Tickets to Family of Fallen Soldier #GoodVibes

The star tight end for the San Francisco 49ers is providing two Super Bowl LIV tickets to the family of a fallen U.S. soldier from Sacramento.
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Super Bowl, NFL Championship, 5 Friends

Group of 5 Friends Have Attended Every Super Bowl #GoodVibes

This group of five friends nicknamed "Super Bowl Five" has attended every single Super Bowl since 1967. That's more games than Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, and Tom Brady combined!
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Best Man, Wedding, Wedding Crasher, Military, Army

Best Man Becomes the Greatest Wedding Crasher Ever! #GoodVibes

Normally wedding crashers are frowned upon, but at Steven and Lauren Marec's big day, this person was not only welcomed but celebrated as well.
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Sip of Hope, Coffee Shop, Mental Health Awareness, Suicide Prevention

It's More Than Just Your Regular Coffee Shop #GoodVibes

The Sip of Hope Coffe Shop in Logan Square is the first of its kind where 100% of proceeds support proactive suicide prevention and mental health education.
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Military Family, Hug a Hero, Army, Family, Deployment

Kids With Deployed Parents Can Get A Free 'Hug A Hero' Doll From This Company #GoodVibes

A North Carolina company’s effort to help children with deployed parents with their 'Hug A Hero' doll campaign turned out much bigger than expected.
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