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Thomas Rhett Debuts New Song He Wrote With Morgan Wallen

Thomas Rhett went to Instagram to debut a brand new song he wrote with his buddy and fellow country music superstar, Morgan Wallen. 'Mamaw's House,' tells the heartwarming story about growing up and visiting your grandma and the comfort that gave them as children.
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#FindingTheGood: 103-Year-Old Gets First Tattoo To Cross Off Her Bucket List

103 year old gets first tattoo to cross off her bucket list ...
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73 Year Old Grandma From Highland Park Wins Second Ironman Challenge #GoodVibes

73-year-old Bobbe Greenberg from Highland Park, IL won her second consecutive Ironman World Championship in Hawaii over the weekend.
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Grandma Attempts To Slow Down Neighborhood Speeders With Hair Dryer

Nope, that's not a radar gun - it's a hair dryer! A grandmother in Montana was worried about fast drivers speeding down a road near where her grandchildren play. To deter the speeders, Patti Forest Baumgartner placed a comfy chair on the side of the road, and with drink in hand, held up a hair...
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Grandma Needs Rescued When the Iceberg She's Taking A Picture On Suddenly Floats Away

A grandmother from Texas named Judith Streng was touring Iceland with her son last week when they saw a big chunk of ice shaped like a throne that had washed up on a beach. So she decided to sit on it while her son took a picture. And as she was posing, a large wave rolled in, picked up the chunk...
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Diploma and Money

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Did Kelly from Merrillville's excitment match her knowdge of country music? She enrolled in Roman's College of Country Knowledge with hopes of winning the $750 in the rolling jackpot! Stylz and Roman play every morning at 7:40 AM. You can test yourself by emailing . Today's...
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When Were You A Little Too Honest With Your Significant Other?

Sometimes we're a little too honest with our significant others and it gets us in trouble. If her food tasted bad, you probably shouldn't mention it.... He snores too loud, maybe you should let that one slide... You want to ditch a date with her Grandma? Probably a bad thing to bring up... .....and...
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Sick Kid

Where Is The Weird Place Your Child Threw Up?

Roman's four year old son Tristan lost it and threw up all over Roman's car last night. Kids don't always make it to the bathroom when they get sick and can lose it in some pretty unusual places. In the store? On Grandma? How about a total barf-o-rama in the minivan? Yep, it all happened to these...
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