grocery store


Ewwww! I Can't Believe I Saw Someone Just Do That!

So there was a video that went viral over a man sampling soups at a grocery store, using the ladle that sits in the soup! Video of Man Caught Eating Soup Straight From Ladle at Grocery Store - 1009497 EWWWW! We all get to witness some pretty disgusting things sometimes.....and Stylz and Roman let...
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NASTY: Guy Caught Eating Soup Directly From a Grocery Store Salad Bar [VIDEO]

Something to think about the next time you eat at the salad bar. — WTF!? (@wtfvids_) October 27, 2018 Hungry? This will change your mind. It's things like these that make us wonder how we've made it this far as humans. A video has gone viral of some guy eating soup...
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Money on The Ground

Where Did You Find Some Unexpected Cash?

Stylz and Roman found a story about a man who had a million dollar winning lottery ticket....and had totally forgot about it! He did find it, with just three days before the ticket was set to expire! It's always cool to find cash whenyou're not expecting it! Thing is, do you return it? Find out...
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First Date

Your Quirky (But Fun) First Date Stories!

Ever have a first date on a ferris wheel? That's what happened at a speed dating event that happened at the Navy Pier ferris wheel the other day. While a first date there is kind of quirky, it's not nearly as quirky as the dates that these Stylz and Roman listeners had...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge Heads To Maine West High School

Grace is a senior at Maine West High School and wants to win the $1050 in the rolling jackpot to add to her upcoming college fund. She stumbled on a couple of the questions in Roman's College of Country Knowledge, but so did Roman. Was it enough to get a "W" in the win column? Email Mornings@US99...
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