Wedding Fight

What Went Wrong While Planning Your Wedding?

Stylz and Roman talked to both Michael Ray and Carly Pearce this past week to see how their wedding planning is going. They both claim that everything is going great, but we all know that is not always the case. Things always seem to go wrong, either before, during and after....and Stylz and Roman...
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Groom Chokeslams His Bride's "Ex" At Their Wedding

This Instagram post went viral and it's not hard to see why - the bride's ex shows up at her wedding and the groom ends up chokeslamming him right through a table! But not everything was what it seems... It turns out that the "ex" was a paid local wrestler who practiced with the groom weeks before...
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Kane With SNR

Who Did Kane Brown Forget To Mention In His AMA Awards Speech?

If you watched last night's American Music Awards, you probably saw Kane Brown's acceptance speech. Did you notice who he forgot to mention during that speech. He thanked God, his record label and a bunch of other people.....but not his fiancée! Wonder if he's sleeping on the couch after that slip...
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Thomas and Wife

:15 Second Frenzy-Things You See At A Wedding

Since Thomas Rhett has a song called "Marry Me", Stylz and Roman decided to go with a weddding theme for their :15 Second Frenzy. How many wedding related items was he able to name in :15 seconds? More importantly, how many was his opponent, Michelle from Rosemont, able to name?
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