Mother With Cancer Surprised With Wig Made From Her Friends’ Hair

Like most people across the country, Dana McSwain was working full-time and taking care of her two young daughters during the coronavirus pandemic. The mother with cancer was surprised with a wig that was made of her friends’ hair.
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Demi Moore Flaunts New Blonde Locks for 'Brave New World'

Demi Moore wowed fans on Instagram Thursday with a shot of her new blonde hair. The image immediately garnered attention from fans and celebrities alike.
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Kids Drawing

What Things From Your Kid's Childhood Have You Held On To?

Since Pink didn't win at the Grammys, her kids decided to make her a homemade Grammy instead. It's probably something that, as a Mom, she'll probably keep as a keepsake. But that's what parents do! Check out the things that these Stylz and Roman listeners kept from when their children were younger...
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Stylz Needs Some Advice To Stop His Dog From Shedding!

Stylz has a German Shepard that he loves.....but there's only one problem. It sheds. A LOT! Doug's wife bought the dog a spandex outfit that is supposed to stop shedding, but it looks hilarious. Check out the advice that these Stylz and Roman listeners gave Stylz to help him with his dog hair...
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Kelsea SNR

Stylz and Roman BACKSTAGE With Kelsea Ballerini!

How did Kelsea Ballerini confuse her Dove deodorant with her Dove hairspray? She told Stylz and Roman that the bottles look very much alike.....and she didn't realize it until she'd already sprayed her hair with it! "My hair smells like an armpit," she joked! They also talked about Morgan Evans...
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Everybody Does Something Weird. What Is Yours?

Drake White was walking around backstage at Windy City Smokeout without any shoes on! He did the same thing on stage! Pretty weird, isn't it? We all do some pretty weird things....and Stylz and Roman opened up their phones to find out what weird things their listeners do. Saturday hair. Drinking...
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Guys, What Is The First Thing You Notice On A Woman?

Yesterday, Stylz and Roman talked to women about the first thing they noticed about a guy. Today they flipped the script and asked guys what the first thing they noticed about a female was! While some guys gave the obvious responses you'd expect, there was also some guys who will suprise you! Are...
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What US99 DJ Left Panties In The Studio?

Stylz and Roman found a random pair of panties in the US99 studio the other day. They've tried to hunt down the owner of the undies, but none of the station's DJs will fess up to it being theirs! Stylz and Roman aren't the only ones to find weird things at work. Check out what these Stylz and Roman...
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School Bus

Girl's Bus Driver Braids Her Hair Every Morning After Her Mom Dies

“It makes me feel like she’s a mom pretty much to me”
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What Did You Find In Your Food?

What Did You Find In Your Food?

Stylz and Roman came across a story about a woman that found a tooth in her cashews the other day and wondered if it had happened to any of their listeners. Apparently it has! Finernails, cockroaches, hairs and more were found in their munchies! Ewwwwwww!
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