Halftime Show

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Best Super Bowl Commercials From Last Night

Katie breaks down the best commercials from last night's Super Bowl. Which brand had the best marketing strategy? What actually happened to Mr. Peanut?
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Sassy Siri Wants A Shirtless Super Bowl!

Sassy Siri enjoyed Adam Levine's Super Bowl Halftime Show. Maybe, a little too much! She really liked that Maroon 5's Adam Levine took his shirt off during the performance and wants to extend that shirtless-ness to the entire game. Is it a good idea? Or is their iPhone with an attitude have a...
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Football and iPhone

Sassy Siri Wants The Bears To Get To The Super Bowl!

The Chicago Bears were big winners over the Buffalo Bills yesterday, 41 to 9! It was all everyone was talking about, including Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitude, which is better known as Sassy Siri! Siri serenades Stylz and Roman with her version of the "Super Bowl Shuffle" and then talks...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Nicole has studied up and thinks she knows enough about the Super Bowl, the husbands of famous country singers, Hootie, Sugarland and twins to graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge! Was she smart enough or did she fail like so many before her? If you're educated in all things country...
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