What Was Your Favorite Halloween Costume Ever!

Did you have something you dressed up as for Halloween growing up that was your favorite? Stylz and Roman talked to people to a whole bunch of people this morning about their favorite costumes, including one Mom that dressed her son up as the cutest vending machine ever. They also checked in with...
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Halloween RCCK

The Halloween Edition of Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Today's questions in Roman's College of Country Knowledge are still about country music but with a Halloween twist to them. It was more of a trick than a treat for Roman's opponent, DeAnna, because she only got HALF a question right! No matter what the holiday, you can put your name in the running...
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Ghost Stories That Are Sure To Scare You!

Dougie Stylz is a firm believer in ghosts, but Justin Roman, not so much. Whether you think ghosts are real or not, these stories are sure to give you the chills. Toys without batteries going off. Dead relatives visiting your bedside. Ghosts roaming around a cemetary. Be sure to listen to these...
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5 Spooky Cocktails For Your Halloween Party

Step up your Halloween cocktail game with these SPOOKY beverages.
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Halloween Smartphone

Sassy Siri Has Rules When It Comes To Trick or Treating!

Today is Halloween and kids will be out trick or treating. If you're taking your kids trick or treating, well then Sassy Siri has some very non-PC rules that you'll need to follow! Who is Sassy Siri? She's the smartphone that Stylz and Roman found at Woodfield Mall, but this iPhone has way more...
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Smashed Pumpkin

Your Epic Halloween Fails!

Roman showed up for his Daddy/Son pumpkin carving night at school. The other dads were way more prepared than him and even though he did get something done, it was sort of a Halloween fail. But his fail wasn't as bad as some of the bad things that happened to these Stylz and Roman listeners on...
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Tristan Pumpkin

Today's Translating Tristan Is A Real Thriller!

It can be hard to figure out what a four year old is talking, let alone singing! Roman had his young son Tristan sing a Halloween themed song for Translating Tristan. HINT: If you've followed Roman at all, you'll know that this is his favorite artist! Take a listener and see if you can figure it...
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Confused iPhone

What Is Sassy Siri Handing Out For Halloween?

What are you handing out for Halloween this year? Sassy Siri, Stylz and Roman's iPhone (with a serious attitude) says she's handing out SIM cards. But what she doesn't realize is that the nickname she has for those SIM cards isn't really appropriate. The more important question is, how does an...
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Jameson Unicorn

Are You Dressing Up Your Pet For Halloween?

Dougie Stylz is dressing up his dog Jameson as a unicorn for Halloween. As you can see by the pictures, she's not very happy about it. He isn't the only one either! Check out what these Stylz and Roman listeners are dressing their pets up as! Sharks! Lattes! And More!
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Cellphone Halloween

Sassy Siri Doesn't Like People Dressing Up Their Pets For Halloween!

Are you dressing up your pet this Halloween? Don't let Sassy Siri, the iPhone that Stylz and Roman found at Woodfield Mall, know because she won't be happy! Dougie Stylz is dressing up his dog Jameson as a unicorn this Wednesday.....and Sassy Siri wasn't happy about it! Maybe it's because she's not...
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