Horror Classics Return? Lebron James Might Bring Back Jason, Robert Englund Might Frighten Again As Freddy

With the success of 'Halloween', everyone is ready for a comeback
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Sassy Siri Has Here Halloween Costume Ready!

You'd think that by now, Stylz and Roman would know not to ask their Sassy version of Siri about anything. (If you didn't know, they found an iPhone at Woodfield Mall and decided to keep it, a decision they might regret....) Anyway, they couldn't help themsleves and asked her if she was coming to...
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Halloween Party

Stylz & Roman's Halloween Party At Old Crow River North

Halloween is just around the corner, so come out and celebrate with the US*99 Morning Show! Stylz & Roman are holding their FREE Halloween Party this Friday night at Old Crow Smokehouse River North! Yes, we said FREE! Don't forget to get dressed up in your best Halloween costume because the...
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100 Grand vs Milky Way

Sugar Showdown: Milky Way vs 100 Grand

May the best candy win!
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Swedish Fish vs M&Ms

Sugar Showdown: M&Ms vs Swedish Fish

We feel like this is a slam dunk but....
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Twizzlers vs Junior Mints

Sugar Showdown: Junior Mints vs Twizzlers

May the best candy win!\
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Mike and Ike's vs Peanut M&Ms

Sugar Showdown: Mike and Ike's vs Peanut M&Ms

Round 2 is already trickier...
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Jamie Lee Curtis

'Halloween' Kills At The Box Office

Gaga and Venom are no match for Michael Myers
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Halloween Candy 2018

Most Popular Halloween Candy for 2018

What's your favorite?
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Hershey's vs Jolly Rancher

Best Halloween Candy of them All, Sugar Showdown: Hershey's vs Jolly Rancher

Fruity vs chocolaty...
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