Before He Cheats

TRo Playground

Don't "Cheat" on This Episode of Translating Tristan!

What what song did Roman's four year old son Tristan belt out this morning? Here's a couple of hints: 1. Its a former American Idol winner... 2. Lousiville Slugger... 3. Don't "cheat" on this one! (Yes that's a hint!)
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

$1400. That's a lot of graduation cash. But it comes with a catch. You have to graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge first.....and very few do that! Think you're smarter than Roman? Email . Today's Questions: 1. "Before He Cheats" was supposed to be performed by...
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Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher

Carrie Underwood’s Husband, Mike Fisher, Spoofs “Before He Cheats”

Watch Mike Fisher turn the breakup anthem into a hunting song.
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