Guy Is Busted for Sitting on Sunroof While His Car Goes 100 Miles-Per-Hour

It's basically a miracle this guy didn't die and take a bunch of people with him. An off-duty cop was driving on the interstate in Lakeland, Florida last week when he saw a white Cadillac zoom past him . . . with an old dude SITTING on the sunroof. He took a video and called 911 . . . and the...
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Rascal Flatts

Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts Plays Stylz & Roman's :15 Second Frenzy

Rascal Flatts will be in Tinley Park next month, but before that Joe Don Rooney from the band checked in with Stylz and Roman to play the :15 Second Frenzy. That trio has seen a lot of miles touring around the country and even had a song all about it! So if "Life Is A Highway", just exactly how...
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What Was Your Travel Disaster?

Ever been on a vacation that seemingly falls apart? It happened to Luke Bryan the other day when he was leaving a hotel in Mexico and his luggage spilled out on to the highway because the gate on the van he was riding in wasn't all the way closed! Sometimes it's sunburn, swimming disasters or even...
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Truck Accidentally Dumps 20 TUBS of Cookie Dough on North Carolina Highway

Such a waste of perfectly good cookie dough.
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Baby Crawls Across the Middle of a Highway, But Isn't Hurt

Someone in Vietnam posted dash cam footage of a baby crawling across the middle of a highway. It's in the driver's path, but they're able to stop in time. A woman who may be the mother comes from the other side of the road and takes the baby away. (Fast forward to the :33 mark to see) Video of Good...
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