hobby lobby

Hobby Lobby Defies Stay-at-Home Orders, Reopening Some Stores

Officials were forced to take action against Hobby Lobby for opening various locations across the country despite sweeping stay-at-home orders from governors. See the details.
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Fight Over The Remote

My Significant Other Makes Me Watch ____________ But I Hate It!

Every week Ryan Hurd is Tweeting about The Bachelor, so Stylz and Roman wanted to know if he watches because he wants to or because his wife is watching. They sat down with Ryan's wife Maren Morris to find out and she claims that she's not forcing gim to watch....he really likes it! That is not...
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What's The Goofy Thing That You Obsess Over?

Morgan Evans mentioned to Stylz and Roman over the weekend that he's been totally obsessing over how good (or bad) the sales of his new album have been. He even joked that the time he spent doing an interview with them was the longest he's gone without checking since the album was released! We all...
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Hobby Lobby

The 'Hobby Lobby Challenge' Is Going Viral

The hashtag #HobbyLobbyChallenge is spreading and here's how it's done. People are uploading photos in front of floral backgrounds and then uploading a reality photo of them standing in front of the fake flowers at Hobby Lobby. This is probably super annoying to Hobby Lobby employees, but it's...
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