Hoffman Estates

Cowboy Hat

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Chris from Hoffman Estates told Stylz and Roman that he would destroy him in Roman's College of Country Knowledge. Did Chris back up his words or did he fall to Roman like so many before him? Got what it takes? Email Mornings@US99.com ! Today's Questions: 1. Actor Liam Hemsworth was not at the...
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Chris Young Returns To The Stylz and Roman Show!

It wasn't that long ago that Chris Young co-hosted the Morning Show along with Stylz and Roman. He returned to the show today and talked what he loved about Chicago, why Roman cries when he listens to some of Chris' songs and why he's listed as "an American rapper" when you Google him! He also...
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Chris Young Sing On The Spot

Sing On The Spot With Chris Young

Chris Young has a smooth voice, but can he make how to fold a pocket square in to a hit song? When Young was in town a couple of weeks ago, Stylz and Roman got him to do just that! It's Stylz and Roman's Sing on The Spot!
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SET TIMES: Chris Young, Kane Brown & LANco with US*99 Tomorrow Night!

The countdown is on for tomorrow night!
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Casey From Sycamore

If anyone is able to beat Roman, they score $100 bucks, which comes in handy around Christmas time!
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Jessica From Hoffman Estates

Jessica was hoping to unseat Roman, win a $100 and grab some LakeShake tickets with that cash!
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