Kacey Musgraves Bringing Holiday Magic in Amazon's First Christmas Special

Kacey Musgraves is decking the halls this holiday season, and fans are in for a real gift. The country diva and six-time Grammy award winner has been tapped to host Amazon's first-ever holiday special titled The Kacy Musgraves Christmas Show! Get ready for blingin' cowboy boots and hats! Musgraves...
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New Krispy Kreme Donut Items Are Embracing Thanksgiving

Goodbye pumpkin spice pie, hello Dutch apple pie. Your Thanksgiving menu is about to get sweeter with these new holiday offerings from Krispy Kreme. The new collection is titled "Easy as Pie Donuts" with three new flavors: Dutch Apple Pie Donuts, Chocolate Kreme Pie Donut, and Cherry Pie Donut...
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Too Early To Think About Christmas? Not With Brett Eldredge!

Brett Eldredge's is bringing his #GlowLIVE tour back to Chicago ...
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'Tis the Season: Hallmark Announces "Countdown to Christmas" 2019 Movie Lineup

We know it isn't even October yet but that hasn't stopped anyone from thinking about the holidays. Halloween announcements began in August thanks to the cooling weather and now, Hallmark has dropped its "Countdown to Christmas" lineup. The first film premieres on Saturday, October 26th -- 5 days...
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SNR Kane

Stylz and Roman Welcome Kane Brown Into The :15 Second Frenzy!

Kane Brown is playing Rockford tonight, but before that stopped by the Stylz and Roman Show to play their :15 Second Frenzy! Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and while some may consder it a Hallmark Holiday, it's a holiday none the less! So in honor of that, we asked Kane to name as many holidays in...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Sometimes people stumble when they play Roman's College of Country Knowledge. For Gina from St. John, today was one of those days... She only got 2 out of 5 questions right. Ouch! If you went 5 for 5 playing along, email to play! Today's Questions: 1. Brian Kelley and his wife...
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Sassy Siri Has Some New Year's Resolutions!

Sassy Siri hasn't talked to Stylz and Roman since before the holidays. She's not happy about that either. When she revealed her New Year's resolutions to the'll hear just how unhappy she is!
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Mouth Taped Shut

The Last Time You Stuck Your Foot In Your Mouth Was...

Ever say something so goofy that you wish you could take it back right after the words leave your mouth? Roman's entertainment co-host at the Chicago Bulls home games did just that this past weekend! WGN's Cortney Hall and Roman were meeting a young family when she mentioned how nice the parents...
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Who Should You Tip At Christmas?

Just who are you expected to tip during the holidays? If the research that Stylz and Roman did is correct, it seems like it's just about everyone! So just who do people tip or not tip around Christmas? Stylz and Roman turned to their listeners to find out!
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Even More Letters

The Letters For Stylz & Roman's 10,000 For The Troops Keep Rolling In!

Stylz and Roman's original goal was to recieve ten thousand letters that they could send out to the troops. Well, they've blown past 10,000 For The Troops by more than double! So far they've recieved over TWENTY TWO THOUSAND letters.....and that number keeps growing and growing! Thank. You. Many of...
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