Mom Busts Her Kid for Using Alexa to Help with Homework

A mom in Scotland has gone viral with a video of her nine-year-old son using Alexa to help with his math homework. It's actually more like cheating because he tells Alexa the problem, and then writes down her answer. The kid doesn't know his mom is in the room until she calls him out on it. She...
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Kids Being Annoying

I Really Love My Child But They Really Annoy Me When They....

Roman's four year old son Tristan has taken to repeating everything his Dad says. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Even though we all love are kids, they can sometimes do things that are really annoying! Stylz and Roman talked to parents about what their child does that drives them nuts....and even talked to...
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Trish Shirt

US99 Alumna Trish Biondo Is Back To Talk Loyola Basketball!

Tomorrow is the BIG day for Loyola as they march in to the Final Four! Stylz and Roman have an official Loyola correspondent and that's former US99 DJ and Loyola teacher (and alumna as well!) Trish Biondo! She talked all things Sister Jean, the vibe at the school and whether or not and of the...
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Parent Teacher Conference

What Did You Find Out At Parent Teacher Conferences?

Roman's attended his first Parent Teacher Conference at his son Tristan's preschool the other day. He got good news from his son's teachers.......but that's not always the case! Check out what these parents told Stylz and Roman they learned after meeting with their child's teachers!
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