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Joey Chestnut Broke His Own Record And Won The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Again!

Joey Chestnut breaks his own record for the National Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4th!
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2020 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest to Be Held at Private Location Without Fans

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, the Fourth of July tradition at New York’s Coney Island, will go on this year, but with a few adjustments. The contest will be held in a private location and with no fans in attendance, reports TMZ.
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6 Completely Insane Hot Dogs You Can Eat at Baseball Stadiums Across America

Baseball is a beloved national pastime that hasn't changed in over a hundred years. But the snacks ? Let's just say no one's jumping for that bag of peanuts. In honor of National Hot Dog Day, we've put together some of the most insane hot dogs at MLB stadiums all over the country. Yeah, they're...
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Portillo's Launched a Merch Line That's Every Hot Dog Lovers Dream

Today is a good day. Why? Because it's National Hot Dog Day. After you indulge in all the National Hot Dog Day deals being offered around the city, we have another way for you to celebrate: purchasing hot dog-inspired merchandise from Portillo's new collection. According to the restaurant, the '...
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Get Your Fix with These National Hot Dog Day Deals

By: Rebecca Ortiz Today is basically homecoming for the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile because it's National Hot Dog Day! Nothing says summer (and America) like a hot dog (with mustard, of course, if you're in Chicago and know what's good for you). To celebrate, we've put together this list of places...
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Hot Dogs

Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy: Hot Dog Toppings

In honor of Heinz introducing it's new ketchup/mayo combination called Mayochup, today's :15 Second Frenzy was totally condiment related! Stylz and Roman had Cannan Smith on the show and asked him how many hot dog toppings he could name in :15 seconds! Some of the things he mentioned don't sound...
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Ketchup on Eggs

Weird Food Combinations!

A video went viral of a woman at the US Open dipping her chicken tenders in her glass of pop. Video of Pure Carnage: Woman At The U.S. Open Enjoys A Chicken Finger Dipped In Soda! That's a pretty weird food combination, but not nearly as weird as the foods that these Stylz and Roman listeners are...
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National Hot Dog Month: Portillo's Offering Two Hot Dogs for $5 All Week

In celebrations of National Hot Dog Month, Portillo's is offering up a two for $5 deal. Now through Sunday, July 22, customers can purchase two regular-sized hot dogs for just 5 bucks at all locations! Frankly, that's a hot deal! The promotion is valid for dine-in, drive-thru, online and delivery...
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What Are The Things Chicagoans SHOULDN'T Do?

Our new boss Kenny Jay went to the Cubs game and witnessed a very drunk, shirtless fan attempting to get the wave started at Wrigley Field. Video of The guy who started the wave at Wrigley Field As any good Cubs fan knows, doing the wave at The Friendly Confines is a big no-no. It's one of those "...
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Oscar Winner or Oscar Meyer Wiener

Oscar Winner or Oscar Mayer Wiener?

The Oscars were last night so Stylz and Roman decided to test people's knowledge of all things Oscar...including Oscar Meyer Wieners! Stylz and Roman spun the roulette wheel to randomly determine if listeners would get a question about either the Academy Awards or hot dogs!
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