Woman Gets Locked Out Of House, Her Dog Lets Her Back In [VIDEO]

A woman locked herself out of the house, but she got back inside thanks to her dog. She had to coach the dog into pulling OUT the wooden security rod from the sliding patio door to do it - this is one smart dog! Video of Dog Lets Owner Back In After She Was Locked Out
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In Laws

Why Do You Not Get Along With The Your In-Laws?

Stylz in-laws are staying at his house for the next six weeks. He actually enjoys them being there (especially the cooking his wife's mother does) but that isn't always the case. Stylz and Roman talked to listeners that don't get along with their in-laws, including one woman that got into a fist...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge: It's Friday!

Kristina from Chesterton is hoping to win the $550 in the rolling jackpot in Roman's College of Country Knowledge to put toward buying a house. Did she succeed.....or will she need to call one of those loan places instead? Email for your chance to enroll! Today's Questions: 1...
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